Business from Scratch Bundle

The most effective resources, templates, planning sheets, secrets & scripts to build your business from scratch in a matter of days

Business From Scratch is designed to give you everything you need, all in one place, to get your business off the ground and not just started but soaring.

Here’s what you get Inside Business From Scratch Bundle:

Access to 24 Hour Business Series: The fastest way to build your business in 24 hour chunks- VALUE $497

  • WEEK 1- 24 Hour Offer- The simplest most potent framework to come with an awe-inspiring rejection-proof offer in under 2 hours
  • WEEK 2-24 Hour Course- The super secret system I use to create 130+ online courses while still working in my day-job for most of it.
  • WEEK 3-24 Hour Webinar- I am sharing my framework + slides + script for creating your own million dollar webinar in under 2 hours
  • WEEK 4-24 Hour Launch-With my checklists, templates & spreadsheets, your own launch will be ready in 24 hours.
  • WEEK 5-24 Hour Tech- Step by Step training on how to wrangle (and win over) The Tech Monster in under 24 hours
  • WEEK 6-24 Hour Social- How to freeze the scroll, dominate newsfeeds and create an unignorable social presence in under 24 hours(without being a pest)
  • WEEK 7-24 Hour Marketing Plan- Your 24 hour idiot-proof, step-by-step plan to take over your market without being spammy, annoying or just plain creepy.
  • WEEK 8-24 Hour Videos- How to script, create, shoot & edit magnetic videos without using a professional camera or video editor
  • WEEK 9-24 Hour Website- Your 24 hour step-by-step plan to create your own website in under 24 hours without spending thousands on a developer.
  • WEEK 10-24 Hour Funnel- How to set up an automated funnel for marketing & selling your online product in under 24 hours.
  • WEEK 11-24 Hour Copy- The simplest most stress-free way to write high-converting, super-persuasive copy for your business using my templates.
  • WEEK 12-24 Hour Recurring Revenue- The science, art & psychology of a monthly membership program that lets people pay you on auto every month and a 24 hour plan to create your own

Access to Slay 1K: The most effective yet radically unorthodox way to get your first 1K subscribers, 1K fans, 1K group members, 1K in sales & 1K buyers.- VALUE $499

  • 1K Subscribers:Every psychological trick, technique, and method I have ever used to grow my list to thousands and then turning that list into a horde of hyper eager buyers. I’ll also share a 10 day plan even a noob can implement to bag those first (or next) 1,000 leads
  • 1K Fans: Steal my 10 minute a day process to creating an uber-eager, almost fanatical fanbase. Transplant this straight onto your business to grow a fanbase that is chomping at the bits to buy from you
  • 1K Group Members:The nitty-gritty details about how to use silly almost irreverent micro-content to grow your Facebook group to a thousand & beyond. This wacko strategy instantly sets you apart from all the other "join my group" yawnfests and makes your group seem like THE place to be
  • 1K in Sales: A truly no-brainer, under-the-radar, zero-pressure campaign to make a quick painless 1K. You can take this same system, make 2 tiny tweaks and use it to make 10K or even 100K. It’s almost like a flying kick that you can make more or less lethal with tiny changes to your posture
  • 1K Buyers: The 2-second neuro switch that once added to your offers turns normal people into a yearning-to-buy swarm of buyers who just can’t get enough of your offers. This right here is the secret to getting not just one-time-buyers but raving evangelical repeat buyers

3 Months Access to Persuasion Hacks Lab- VALUE $117

Persuasion Hacks Lab is the largest collection of persuasion hacks, word for word scripts and psychological tactics on the planet internet (that will turn you & your business into a persuasion powerhouse). When you sign up, you instantly get access to 100+ trainings, hacks & scripts..all backed by psychology...all yours.

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