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She Lands On Your Sales Page...
  • Your price is great, a steal really…she should be jumping like a 3 year old on Christmas morning….because you are the answer to all her desperate prayers….the solution to all her frantic worries…
  • Yet she fidgets…ummms…I don’t knows creep in…..maybe… maybe not...
  • You just stand there with your heart in your throat, desperately hoping for the sale to happen….for her to say YES…for the cha-ching to happen…
Then almost inexplicably, her YES slips right out of your hands and disappears into the ether, and you don’t even know why…
Because here's the REAL problem...

People hate being sold to…

Even when they desperately need what you are selling..

Even when they are miserable and despondent…

Even when they would cut off their left limb to find a solution to the problem…

The moment you bring sale in the convo, their internal beepers go beep…beep beepty beep…

And THAT is
the alarm of death for your pitch…
So what can you do to get people to buy you without bringing sale in the conversation?

The sheer, absolute despair of launching to the sound of crickets - DISMISSED

The mind-numbing terror of waking up to zero paypal notifications - DISMISSED

The not-knowing, second- guessing, half-assing your way to business success - DISMISSED

The unshakeable desire to crawl under covers and fold yourself in a ball of misery & snot - DISMISSED

The loneliness..the isolation…the mind-fuck…DISMISSED. DISMISSED. DISMISSED

I've tested & perfected
This ingenious new 'template-based' persuasion system that uses power of psychology to create sales pages, emails, videos, webinars...heck even social media posts that reel in the right people effortlessly.
Just Open The Template
On Your Computer
Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions for each Mass Persuasion Asset, and you’ll be able to repeatedly create powerful copy whenever you need it

It gives you everything...

  • The psychological hooks that make people wake up from their stupor and almost put them in a trance from the very first word
  • The complete fill-in-the blank templates that enable you to quickly and easily create your optin page, sales page, webinar pitch, social media post and video script that will eliminate the need to be salesy, icky or sleazy.
  • The Turbo Execution Guides that lay out the specific steps you need to take in order to execute
  • The whole baked chicken and black bean enchilada with Mexican four-cheese blend

Permission to deliriously plug into the brain of someone who understands buyer psychology and willing to share her secrets… GRANTED!

Permission to satisfy the life-long yearning for knowing the emotional triggers, hot buttons and yes-stimulators of your ideal buyer-- GRANTED!

Permission to feel the incomparable feeling of seeing their “umm-maybes” dissolve into cries of “YES YES YES”… GRANTED!

There are certain tasks that cannot be outsourced...
Understanding your buyer's psychology is one of them!
Developed & Delivered by
Bushra Azhar
The Persuasion Revolution
I am Bushra!

I started my business in June-July 2014 and the first few months were …well let’s just say the word lukewarm would be a gigantic overstatement.

You kow why?

Because I listened to all the poo-rus (yep they aren’t gurus, they sprout so much poo advice, I like to call them poo-rus) and didn’t dare ask for the sale…just kept adding value. Result? No one bought anything…well no surprise there.

It Was When I Decided to Grab That Proverbial Bull by Its REAL Horns That I Started to See Results Like These in About Two Years:
  • The psychological hooks that make people wake up from their stupor and almost put them in a trance from the very first word
  • The complete fill-in-the blank templates that enable you to quickly and easily create your optin page, sales page, webinar pitch, social media post and video script that will eliminate the need to be salesy, icky or sleazy.
  • The Turbo Execution Guides that lay out the specific steps you need to take in order to execute
  • The whole baked chicken and black bean enchilada with Mexican four-cheese blend
Never worry about thinking up the perfect message EVER again!
Steal my brain
Swipe my formula
Clone my system
to create an army of raving fans who buy everything you put forth...
MODULE ONE: Primer on Buyer Psychology & The 8 Persuasion Switches
This week is all about knowing how to get a firm YES every time by understandig the human psyche and the 8 Persuasion Switches that drive that elusive yes.
  • How to defeat the "not me mentality " you have to overcome in all your messages. 99% of your people suffer from this and it’s the one DAMN BIG reason why you’re getting a wretched response to your sales messages.
  • An expose’ of what is REALLY going through people’s mind as they read your words and how you can overcome the objections without them knowing you are doing it (this insight alone will totally change the way you talk to people)
  • The 11 negative influences that affect what most of your people believe right at the point of decision (Understanding this is CRITICAL if you want to create a sale message that “hits home”).
  • The 6 different types of beliefs most people have and how they tend to stifle a sales pitch. (These spring from upbringing, religion, society, and a myriad of other factors)
MODULE TWO: Video Persuasion Formula
Everything you need to know to create a video that connects with the right people, helps make an instant connection with the viewer and basically gets them to buy YOU so that they buy anything FROM you.
  • 3 Sales Video formulas & templates that you can use on your sales page a mini sales video formula that you can run as an ad and get views for as low as a cent (yes yes it’s possible..I have proof)
  • A foolproof non-icky power intro formula that doesn’t make you look like an egotistical asshole but still gets them to see you as a subject matter expert (it’s so simple and bypasses the disdain people have for self-proclaimed gurus)
  • 5 tricks to add more “reasons to believe” in your sales videos so that they believe every single word you tell them (and you better tell them the truth dude!)
MODULE THREE: Social Media Persuasion Formula
How to navigate the landmine-ridden landscape of social media and not just stand out but SHINE amidst all the me-toos that have invaded Facebook, Twitter and all things social.
  • How to create an instant frenzy of likes, comments and shares for anything you share online by tapping on to their deepest darkest desires. Everything from Facebook ads to social media posts to punchy one-liners that pull people in.
  • 10 examples of my own FB ads that displays ALL 8 Persuasion Switches (this is something you’ll want to swipe and deploy for your OWN business!)
  • One strange, kinda twisted way you can use your flaws as a selling advantageon social media and why this works every time to get people to pay instant attention.
  • A swipe and deploy file of 50 super persuasive social media posts that you can use to promote, quiz, build know-like-trust or even preposition your prospects. This even works for FB groups and forums that don’t allow promotions.
MODULE FOUR: Sales Page Persuasion Formula
This week gives you everything you need to create long form, short form and everything in between sales pages. No more running after copywriters…hoping & praying that their words can squeeze the YES out of your prospects. This week you become the master of your own sales.
  • 11 Psychological hooks to open your sales page and 3 killer templates that switch on all 8 persuasion switches one after the other for a non-icky almost hypnotic sale process.
  • 3 ways to reset, reframe, reposition ANY offer in order to make it more tempting to the masses (You’ll be able to almost double or TRIPLE your reach in quarter of the time!)
  • The one CRUCIAL Difference between “needs” and “wants” so that you speak to their subconscious mind. This is such a common mistake and so easily fixable
  • 7 things that are going on in your prospect’s lives that are making them immune to your sales message and how to fix them in less than 10 minutes.
  • How to use “power of equivalence” in your message to make people believe what you want them to (This is an extremely POWERFUL concept you can be using right now in your sales messages!)
MODULE FIVE: Optin Page Persuasion Formula
People are not information hungry any more so stop throwing yet another PDF at them in exchange for their email. Also stop using the generic “this is my awesome free, come and get it” optin pages. This week will transform your lame-o optins into weapons of mass persuasion....get ready for a gushing torrent of new subscribers!
  • The 10 most recommended formats for your optin offer. have tested, researched, and tested again what people WANT when it comes to consuming information and these won big time.
  • How to create your optin page in as little as 30 minutes just choose one of the 5 templates for optin offers that have given me conversions as high as 92% and you can have your page ready to collect thousands of subscribers in less than 30 minutes.
  • The kiss of death for optin offers that no one is talking about (but I will) and why “good content” alone is not enough to get people to sign up.
MODULE SIX: Webinar Persuasion Formula
Webinars have been THE most effective way for me to sell my programs and gain credibility in my area of expertise. Want similar results? This week will give you the full low down on that.
  • A killer template to structure your webinar so that it primes people to buy what you sell AND how to transition from "teaching " mode to "selling " mode ...without sounding or feeling weird.
  • 2 things you can do to overcome the objection of “the time is not right!” his will enable your prospect to take action NOW—because if they don’t, they’ll never buy.
  • How to crafting your webinar pitch Understand the four types of webinar registrants and how to craft a pitch that doesn’t even sound like a pitch (I will give you the exact script that you can swipe)
  • 5 stories you should tell in your pitch to instantly make it more electrifying so that even if they don’t buy from you, they can never forget you either.
MODULE SEVEN: Email Persuasion Formula
The techniques I have used to email my own list and has resulted in 20% of my list becoming buyers.
  • 12 dynamite email templates that you can use to get them to click, open, buy, share, engage, forward…basically any possible online actin you will ask them to take.
  • Master a covert technique to write emails that look nothing like a sneaky, icky sales pitch, gets eagerly opened and read by your peeps and SELLS twice as much as “buy from me because I’m awesome” style sales emails.
  • 10 real-life examples of how to turn your boring ol’ life events into emails stories that not only position you as a master storyteller but also move people through the persuasion sequence into the land of the cha-ching!
  • How to stay in front of your prospects and customers so they’ll never run off with your competitor. Best part: there’s a way to do it that makes you a “welcome guest” and NOT an “annoying pest.”
MODULE EIGHT: Discovery Call Persuasion Formula
The free calls or discovery calls can be a great way to establish authority but how do you make sure these calls don’t become a giant time-suck ad actually lead to paying clients.
  • How to psychologically prime the person on the call at the onset so that you set the right expectations and the call doesn’t leave a bad taste for either party.
  • The “Irresistible Itch” and how it could quaduple your chances of closing a sale. This will shake and wake the person up so that they have no choice but to listen and absorb your offer.
  • The #1 secret to “snapping them out” of the FUNK they’re in so they’ll be more receptive to your sales message.
  • Free Session Mapping Tool: Convert a free call into a paying customer by using a template that matches their pain points with your offering instantaneously
  • The worst thing you can say to a person is “If I can do this, any one can” and what to say instead to get the believability switch turned on
Make Everything
Taste Better
  • 55 Plus Best Landing Page Examples This swipe file is my secret to pulling together a high converting (as high as 92%) landing page in under 30 minutes. It has some of the best optin pages from some of the best names on internet and these will inspire you to create your own super persuasive landing page for years to come. This swipe file alone has made me at least $28,000 in direct sales when I created pages "inspired " by these examples.
  • Product Descriptions that Power Up Sales: Easy-to-follow, step-by-step copywriting strategies to craft seductively persuasive and powerful product descriptions that turn browsers into buyers, one word at a time. Here's what you'll get:

5 Unignorable Reasons Why Your Product Descriptions Must Stand Out from the Crowd

10 Ridiculously Obvious Ways Your Product Descriptions are Making Your Store Lose Sales

A Step-by-Step Process to Craft Compelling Descriptions that Turbocharge Conversions

The "Get It Right Every Time " Product Description Checklist

  • Pitch Perfect Workshop Recording (3 Hours): Whether you’re pitching a new product to a prospect, higher prices to existing clients or the idea of wiping one’s own bum to your toddler, psychology is what makes them DO IT! This masterclass shows you how to craft an unignorable pitch for every situation. Plus you get a nifty little worksheet to map out your pitches.
  • Persuasive Blogging Masterclass: How to research, outline and create your viral-worthy blog post in under 45 minutes even if you have never written a blog post before. Bonus point: You can use the exact same process to create other launch content such as launch videos, FB lives, webinars and podcasts etc.
Thousands of email subscribers, hundreds of eager buyers & a life that's so full of joy it annoys the shit out of your neighbors
Imagine this day with me…

You wake up in the morning, not to refund requests or “lost password” emails but to 11 new sales you made while you slept...all from a persuasive sales page you put together in less than an hour the night before…

As you sip your coffee you type out an email that takes you 10 minutes to pull together and BOOM, your cash-generating, revenue-inducing email is on it’s merry way to make you tons of money….and you don’t even have to worry about the “right words”

You decide to take the rest of the day off…because you can and because the hundreds of hours you had to spend writing copy, tweaking copy and slowly killing all your brain cells are now FREE… spa day seems like a great idea!

Are a self-proclaimed “lousy writer”

Think that it’s a natural skill and only gifted copywriters know how to write persuasively

Want to bang your head against the wall and watch your grey matter trickle out in a slow steady stream of muck whenever you have to write an email, social media post or email.

Feel like your brain cells take a walk outside your brain every time you sit down to write a sales email.

Or, even if you ARE a pro copywriter, and simply looking for a way to hone your craft and make the process faster, easier, and far more efficient...

The bottom line is this:

Mass Persuasion is the ONLY course on the planet that makes you a “language of persuasion" expert WITHOUT having to learn the inner workings of human brain

Look into my eyes...
you are feeling sleepy...
you are dreaming...
Let me hypnotize you with some love notes from people I have hypnotized with my words
You can sell anything if you can get the person paid, made or laid.
Steal My Stuff Guarantee Trifecta

First, if you do not like my face, my weird accent or my poop jokes…I will be happy to refund

Second, if you do not find this to be the most effective system for getting an effortless sale, purely through the power of words, I will be happy to refund

Third, if you don’t at the very least TRIPLE your conversions, opens & clicks after implementing Mass Persuasion Method, I will be happy to refund

Whatever your reason may be, if you are not losing your freaking mind over the awesomeness I have packaged in Mass Persuasion and you let me know within SEVEN days after the course goes live, I will be happy to refund…no questions asked!

Three Roads
Diverged in the woods...
Road no. 1: You can decide to do nothing, and keep running after copywriters, coaches, poo-rus…

hoping they will help you crack the code of online persuasion…but we both know that’s a one-way, no refund ticket to NOville….

Road no. 2: You can try to switch on all EIGHT switches through the power of your words…it might work…actually it will work better than what you have been doing…but something tells me “better” isn’t good enough…right?

Or, you can do the clever thing- Road No. 3: Get the “Everything Included” Mass Persuasion Method with the exact word-for-word hooks, proven templates and psychological strategies to master your online communication..

Let’s Do the Math…

You could hire me or someone else who has mastered the art of online persuasion and pay them between $1,000 to $3,000 to write just ONE sales page for you…


Then pay a similar amount for launch emails, social media posts, landing page copy…


Would be roughly $4,000 straight out of your pocket and you still have no clue about the “how” part which means if you wish to do a webinar, you have no idea how to craft your pitch

If you have to send a quick email to create urgency, you stare at the blank screen for hours not knowing how to get them pumped & excited


If you do 2 launches a year, that’s $8,000 and a truck loads of un-shed tears and hair-pulling anguish over the rest of your copy.. And you still don’t know if it will work..


In 2 years, that’s a minimum of $16,000 and even if you decide to do one launch a year, you will still be spending $8,000 and you are on your own rest of the year..


You are not only saving that $8,000 but also getting the iron-clad assurance that your words WILL make bank…

Stated differently, if I just handed you $8,000, would you turn it down?

Think about that before you click away....

Instant Access to 8 Mass Persuasion Method Modules

Instant Access to 8 Turbo Execution Guides that will turn your MP Assets into weapons of mass persuasion

Access to 55 Landing Page Swipes File

Instant Access to Product Descriptions that Power Up Sales

Instant Access to Pitch Perfect Workshop Recording To help crack the code of your perfect elevator pitch (Time sensitive)

Instant Access to Persuasive Blogging Masterclass (Time sensitive)

Get started now!

  • PS: I love creating new stuff and retiring old stuff (remember the quickies, the cookies & 3day3K?) so there is no guarantee I will continue to offer this. So get it now or forever hold your peace.
  • P.P.S (because I can): 10% of all sales from this (and all my stuff) goes to feed and educate children (mostly those living on the streets and subject to all sorts of mind-numbing risks) in South Asia.