Persuasion Hacks Lab

The largest collection
of persuasion hacks,
word for word scripts
and psychological
tactics on the planet internet

Persuasion Hacks Lab Is The largest collection of persuasion hacks, word for word scripts and psychological tactics on the planet internet

That Will Turn You & Your Business Into
a Persuasion Powerhouse

Borrow My Brain
Sexy Up Your Message
Kick BORING in the Nuts

My name is Bushra and I am just as crazy,
overwhelmed & bursting with ideas as you are
I am a Mom (read: forced to work during nap times or school hours)
I am a Dreamer (read: hit with a million ideas a minute)
I am a Hustler (read: do whatever it takes but don’t want to spend thousands to make hundreds)
I am also someone who knows how to get the absolute best results in the shortest possible time using scientifically proven methods.
I have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider Fast Company and 50 other super places on the internet.
I went from sub-zero (that's where you have zero clients and zero hopes of ever getting one) to 4,000+ paying clients, $1M+ in revenue and 23,000+ subscribers in less than 2 years while working on this only part time…all because I know how to use buyer psychology and because I use proven systems and methods. (ain’t nobody got time for trials and errors)

100+ Trainings, Hacks & Scripts. All Backed by Science. All Proven to Work

This course is closed for enrollment.

This is What People Have to Say About PH Lab

and I didn't even
have to bribe them

"Open rates are skyrocketing"
"From 9% to 22% conversion"
"Emails instantly opened"
"Getting emails telling me how great my emails are"
"Community alone is worth the price"
"Just what I needed to start my online business"
"3 Hour Optin training is a godsend"
"AHA moments and Holy sh*t expressions"
"After 4 years in business, I still had a few made it crystal clear for me"
"Persuasion Hacks Lab is my happy place"
"All my dreads about writing copy have disappeared"
"Like a lifeline when I am swimming in doubt and fears"
"Writing copy now feels easy, effortless and fun!"
"PH Lab is off-the-chain awesome and implementable"
"Worth at least $40,000!"

PH Lab is backed by THREE Blood promises

I promise to never teach anything that hasn’t already been tested and conclusively proven to be effective. Translation: I will never use you as a guinea pig or a crash test dummy that has to suffer “let’s see what works” strategy.

I promise to keep it a level playing field for all and keep this as affordable as possible so that everyone gets a chance to benefit and I earn some kickass karma in the process.

I am a sly one right?

I promise to never throw a PDF at you and then disappear behind a “support” email. I will take you step-by-step through the process, holding your hand gently and lovingly. There will be some ass-kicking involved but never desertion!

This course is closed for enrollment.

EVERYTHING in this course is backed by psychology or user testing research so you can be positive you aren’t shooting in the dark